professional shovels manufacturer from China

professional shovels manufacturer from China

axe with double color plastic-coating fiberglass handle

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  • Product Description:Axe head made of high quality carbon steel, repeatedly forged, heat treated and find polished. Coated with red, black, orange or black color lacquer.

Name of commodity: axe with double color plastic-coating fiberglass handle

material: high carbon steel

shape: Sharpened cutting edge

Hardness: Hardened and tempered

Package: packed in CTN


1. The kitchen hatchet are made of good quality carbon steel.

2. New heat treatment technology brings stable and proper hardness.

3. Lacquer-coating, polishing, anti-rusting and strictly inspecting make our products in good quality


Axe use:

Escape, self-defense, bone cutting, firewood, firefighting, nails, woodworking, camping, etc.

Packaging Details: 

1. Each piece packed in brown paper bag, or plastic bag; 

2. 24pcs packed in one carton(2lbs and 2.5lbs) 

3.12 pieces packed in one carton



Each axe is headed with a plastic bag and then placed in a 5-layer export carton to ensure that the product is not scratched during transportation.


Delivery Time: about 5-25 day

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